Let X-Ray Coach create a custom course for your program today!
We will create a custom website just for you and provide educator admin access to have full control.

Our Educator plan comes with a 3 month course outline to follow for proven success for registry review classes.

There is NO cost for us to set up this course and will enroll all students ahead of time.


*Set publish dates or quick publish for exams
*Set time length and attempts allowed
*Set questions per screen
*Lockdown Broswer "like" control to not allow another browser window to open
*Much more!


*Track the students access to viewed lessons
*Blackboard like question analysis of most missed questions in order from most missed to least missed for review
*View students weak and strong sections per exam
*View class average and class strong and weakness per exam
*Much more!

Tech Support

We are available at all times through a text message to publish exams as needed, change settings, password resets or change the order of any lessons.  We are also available all times for student questions and support.
So What's Included?

*Over 3,000 questions
* 115 video lessons
* End of lesson quizzes
* 10 mock exams - 200 questions each
* 4 content category quizzes - 100 questions each
* 12 Coach Diagnostic quizzes to identify strengths and weaknesses
* Coach Documents - math problems, radiation exposure chart, radiography quality factor chart and blank one for study
* Comprehensive anatomy review with over 100 flash images
* Interactive activities

Hands down our mock exams will simulate the ARRT® exam with the EXACT amount of questions from each of the ARRT® content categories. All of our mocks are online and timed to simulate the actual exam. The mock exams were written by current radiology educators with over 60 years of experience! 

Available Mock Exams 
Students will have the ability to take 10 mock exams - 6 practice mock exams and 4 randomized mock exams each with 200 questions. 
With our random mock students will never take the same exam twice.

The Features of the X-ray Coach Mocks
Each of the 6 mock exams are made of 200 different questions on each exam. 

Our random mocks are different from any other review company! Most others will randomly choose questions among a test bank. Our professional programmers designed ours to randomly take the EXACT amount of questions from each section. No random mock will be the same and will simulate the ARRT® exam! 

Each user will have a reports page to view quiz and mock exam results. From this page the user will be able to review each question and have the ability to retake the exam. Users can mark a question as "understood", this will allow the student to focus on the questions that need more review. 
Email us today at for a demo!

Special Rates For Radiology Programs
Sure, there are other great programs available. Many programs have used the same review company every year. We all know students learn differently. X-Ray Coach provides opportunities to learn in many learning style domains such as auditory, visual, tactile and verbal. Research helped us choose the questions, lessons, video length, color choices and even down to the font selection that will help the students gain confidence to pass the registry. X-Ray Coach was developed by current educators for educators. Sign up for your free demo today!