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These allow you to unlimited attempts and provide immediate feedback! 

Why Xraycoach Mock Exams?

Not all mock exams are built the same! 

Follows the ARRT® Exam Format

There are review programs that take random 200 questions from a test bank which will not replicate the style of the ARRT® exam. X-Ray Coach timed mock exams are coded in a way that you will receive exact amount of questions from each category that you will be tested on. 

Unlimited Attempts

Some review programs only allow you to take mock exams one time.  X-Ray Coach allows you to take the exam as many times as you would like.

Random Mock Styled After the ARRT® Exam

Our random mock exams are built in a way that you will never have the same mock exam twice. This gives the ability to have unlimited mock exams.

The Report

After completion of our exam you will have access to reporting that shows your weakest and strongest sections.  This will also show a report of the most missed questions in order from most missed to least missed rom all students who are enrolled.